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By working closely with our customers, we can continue to be innovative in order to better serve farrier’s, horse owner’s and the horse’s needs. Your feedback is very important to us. We look forward to speaking to you more about our products.

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“R.A.T.E Hoof Packing is the cleanest and easiest to use packing on the market. This record breaking cold winter I found it pliable and when it came time for a reset the material was where I left it. The sole and frog were pliable and thrush free. I will never go back to the packing and oakum again.”

Jerry Trapani, CJF-BWFA Master Farrier

Islip, NY 

“R.A.T.E Hoof Balance makes my finished work look clean and professional. It is 100 % safe for me and
the horse. You will see measurable results in the quality health of the overall hoof immediately.”

-Debbie Wetmore - Certified Farrier for 23 years

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